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Air Conditioning Service & Repair

At Just Right Auto Repair, we take the time to do thorough A/C inspections. We have included all of the checkpoints below just so you can have an idea of everything that we inspect.

A. Test drive vehicle to see if temperature changes while moving.

B. System inspection

  1. Check for proper blower operation at all speeds.
  2. Check left and right vent temperatures.
  3. Check for proper belt installation.
  4. Look for any damaged hoses.
  5. Look for any signs of oil leaking at hoses and compressor.
  6. Watch for a/c compressor clutch engagement.
  7. Observe a/c condenser fan operation.

C. Physical inspection

  1. Attach hoses to service ports and watch for proper pressures.
    (Pressure in stagnant a/c system should be close to ambient air temp.)
    Start engine and turn on a/c and observe pressures.
  2. If pressures are wrong discharge system and note amount reclaimed.
  3. Evacuate for 15 minutes, then note gauges and observe for leaks.
  4. Find information placard and note factory recharge spec.
  5. Recharge to the factory spec with R134a and dye.
  6. Start vehicle and observe pressures. Compare to chart.
  7. Remove gauges and check service ports for leaks.
  8. Reinstall caps on service ports.
  9. Visually inspect for leaks and dye again after the recharge is complete.
  10. Check temperature and note.
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